Have you ever struggled with your hair’s look and feel during a cold winter month? Whether you’re a fan of the cold or prefer the hot summer days, one thing’s for sure; winter can significantly affect your hair and scalp.


The freezing weather conditions during winter can damage your hair and make it look dull and lifeless. Like your skin, your scalp suffers from cold and dry air or increased humidity in the environment.

 Let’s have a look at some of the usual scalp and hair issues you might suffer from throughout winter, as well as a few ways to deal with them.

Static Hair & Flyaways

 Winter is the best season to wear a hat or beanie, as it adds to your style while also protecting your head from the cold, harsh weather. But, once you take it off, your hairstyle is probably ruined with flyaways everywhere. If you have a particularly long hairstyle, the hat fabric and your hair rub together and create a lot of static, leaving your hair looking like a frizzy mess.

 The best way to deal with disheveled hair is a product with a strong hold. Our Matte Clay provides this, as well as definition, and has a matte finish to prevent your hair from getting oily. Also, it includes lanolin and castor oil to prevent your scalp and hair from drying out. If you’re going to wear a hat in the winter, you can even consider a short hairstyle with a proper fade to avoid static and flyaways altogether.



Flaky Scalp

The winter air can be very cold and humid. These conditions tend to draw out your scalp’s moisture and leave it feeling dry. Eventually, the skin on your scalp will start to flake and cause a lot of itchiness and irritation. In extreme situations, it can even lead to hair loss.

 Your best bet to avoid a dry and flaky scalp is to keep it well-moisturized. Avoid washing your hair every day since using shampoo constantly can dry out your hair and scalp. Additionally, try using lighter hair products, such as our Aqua Pomade, which will keep your hair in place, and your scalp moisturized with no flaking thanks to its lanolin and glycerin formula.

Flat & Dull Hairstyles

 The cold air and humidity don’t just affect your scalp but also the individual strands of your hair. In the winter, our hair always looks a bit more lifeless and dull, and lacks a natural shine. Styling can be more challenging as hair loses some of its natural definition and volume. Not to mention that hats can easily wreck a hairstyle and make it look flat.

You can avoid flat and dull hairstyles by making some small adjustments to your hair styling routine. Apply hair product on wet hair before you blow dry it to create more texture and definition. Also, use high-quality hair products with strong hold, such as our Defining Cream. It contains natural beeswax that will keep your hair in place and make it look silky smooth throughout the day.

Oily Scalp

While some people suffer from a dry scalp during the winter, others have issues with an oily scalp. When the air is too dry, your scalp will produce additional sebum (oils) to compensate for the dryness. Additionally, some people mistakenly use heavy oil-based products to ensure their hair stays in place. All this oil builds up and can weigh down your hair and scalp.

The most important thing to do to avoid an oily scalp is to stop using oil-based products. All our hair products are water-based, so they can easily be rinsed out with just water, so no need for harsh shampoos. You can also try lighter hair products like our Sea Salt Spray, which will give you texture and volume without weighing down your hair. Finally, dry shampoo can help if you have a lot of oil buildup.

Frizzy Hair

Another significant issue that almost everyone suffers from during the winter is frizzy hair. When your hair dries out from the cold and humid air, it usually becomes messy and difficult to tame. 

Consider blow-drying your hair using a low temperature setting to avoid any heat damage. A blast of low temperature air will help to close your hair's cuticles and prevent frizziness throughout the day. Finally, softer hair products with good hold will make it easier to tame wild hair. Our Texture Paste is your perfect companion if you suffer from frizzy hair. It's a versatile product that can create everything from messy textured hairstyles to highly controlled slick backs.


Dandruff is a serious condition many people face and it can be caused by different factors. There are lifestyle factors, such as anxiety or an unhealthy diet, as well as medical conditions that can cause or aggravate it. The winter weather conditions also play a significant part, as they dry out the scalp and cause irritation and itchiness.

If you’re suffering from dandruff, you must stop using excessive amounts of low-quality shampoo and conditioners, as they can worsen the problem even more. Instead, rely on high-quality dandruff shampoos to get rid of it. If you want to prevent dandruff, you should always use the best hair products, like the ones from our hair styling product range, that are free of harsh chemicals and don’t dry out the scalp.

Winter Wrap

All in all, winter can be one of the toughest seasons for your hair, as the extreme weather conditions can cause severe problems to it. To fight off the winter conditions, you need to spend a bit more time maintaining your hair and also use top-quality products.

At Heist Labs, all our products are manufactured with your style and your hair’s well-being in mind. Whether you prefer slick backs or more messy hairstyles, we have a product to suit your needs and leave your hair feeling like you just got out of your local barbershop.

All our hair products consist of premium ingredients and are free of parabens, which are harsh chemicals that can significantly damage your hair. Finally, our products are made in the UK, using cruelty-free methods and 100% recyclable materials.

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