Heist Labs is here.

Continuing its mission to redefine men’s hair styling, Heist of London, the men’s grooming brand that created the world’s first hair dryer for men is launching Heist Labs – an extension of the brand that features performance styling products to supplement and complete the overall grooming experience for men.

Launching with three styling products – Matte Dust, Sea Salt Spray, and Matte Clay – these new additions to the Heist of London line-up will enhance any grooming routine, helping men achieve barber level results at home.

Made in the UK, Heist Labs products are: Paraben-free // Cruelty-free. Suitable for vegans. Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Available now at the online Heist of London Shop and Amazon.

Heist Labs Matte Dust (£16.50)

  • Hold: Medium
  • Finish: Matte
  • For those who want: Volume
  • Scent: Subtle hint of melon

A versatile, all-rounder matte powder that adds volume and dry texture in a flash. Flexible in styling with strong holding power, this weightless powder never leaves the hair feeling sticky or stiff, and easily washes out of the hair thanks to its water-based formula. Matte Dust works best when applied to dry hair as it works to absorb excess oil from the hair and scalp.

The result is a natural, matte finish, whether it’s on newly washed hair or freshening limp locks before your next shampoo ritual.

Suitable for all hair types and safe to use on sensitive skin and colour-treated hair.

Styling tip: Sprinkle the dust into the palm and rub hands together, then distribute through dry hair using fingertips to create volume and texture. Perfect for adding daily volume with a dry texture.

Heist Labs Sea Salt Spray (£16.50)

  • Hold: Medium
  • Finish: Natural Matte
  • For those who want: Texture & grip without excessive hold
  • Scent: Pacific Coconut & Mandarin 

Recreate those perfect summer waves year-round with this sea salt spray. Get textured, tousled beach hair with messy texture and body by spraying generously onto dry or damp hair to achieve a natural look with a matte finish. Formulated with castor oil, our sea salt spray will keep your scalp moisturised without a greasy finish. With a water-soluble formula, the product easily rinses out of hair with just water and leaves hair feeling healthy and natural.

Style tip: For those looking to add fullness and thickness especially to fine hair, look no further. This spray works great for bulking out thinning hair. For best results, use HEIST’s hair dryer to dry from roots upward for maximum texture & results.

Heist Labs Matte Clay (£16.50)

  • Hold: Strong
  • Finish: Dry matte (non-flaky)
  • For those who want: Hold & definition
  • Scent: Coconut & Citrus

Shape and define locks with a strong, long-lasting hold with this versatile matte clay. Best for short/medium hair, the matte clay never flakes or dries out the scalp after use thanks to the lanolin and castor oil ingredients. Heist Labs Matte Clay is also water-soluble, so the product washes out easily with just water at the end of the day.

Style tip: Best for a structured look with the benefit of all day hold. Work a small amount evenly through dry hair and style to achieve texture and definition.



Available now at the online Heist of London Shop and Amazon