Men's guide to using a hair dryer

We believe that a hair dryer is a necessary tool in a mans arsenal. It lays the groundwork for a great hairstyle.   

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of a Heist hair dryer.

Tip 1.  Start by towel drying your hair

- Towel dry your hair and scalp before using your hair dryer. 
- Your hair should be damp, not dry when you begin.
- This speeds up the process and avoids over exposure to heat.

Tip 2.  Control the air direction

- Use the air concentrator nozzle to create directional air flow.
Use the boar brush to start directing hair in the style you want.
- Dry from the roots upward.  Directing the air up will help to add height.
- Directing the air flow down will help to smooth and tame your look.

Tip 3.  Apply heat

- Use the lowest heat setting, you can rely on the air speed.
- Keep the hair dryer a few inches away from your head when drying.  Ease off on heat and distance if it feels too hot.

Tip 4. Finish your look

- Blast your hair with the cool shot button to finish your look. The cool air helps to set hair in place while adding thickness and shine.
- Rub hair product between palms end spread evenly through the hair.

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