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Pick-Up-New-Grooming-Tricks-at-Home.-Dry-Style-in-Under-60-Seconds. Heist of London

Pick Up New Grooming Tricks at Home. Dry & Style in Under 60 Seconds.

We're all having to spend a lot more time at home so far in 2020. But that's no excuse to put your grooming routine to the side. With limited access to barbers and salons why not use this time to...

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How-to-create-height-using-a-hair-dryer-with-Idris-Barbering-Co. Heist of London

How to create height using a hair dryer with Idris Barbering Co.

We hooked up with Matt Hughes from Idris Barbering Co. to get some tips and techniques around styling with a men's hair dryer.  Check out this 90 second clip which Matt show's how to dry and style men's hair to create...

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The-Pompadour-Hair-Style-How-to-Style-it Heist of London

The Pompadour Hair Style - How to Style it

The pompadour, a true classic. Rocked by Elvis Presley to John Travolta and even more recently Zac Efron.The name and style comes from Madame de Pompadour who was a mistress to an 18th-century French king. She established the style and subsequently held its named...

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Best of 'how to use a hair dryer' videos

Understanding How to Use a Hair Dryer through Informative Videos Are you struggling with how to properly use a hair dryer? Our guide, showcasing the best 'how to use hair dryer video' will help demystify the process for you. Knowing...

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Help-What-to-do-about-thinning-hair Heist of London

Help! What to do about thinning hair

If your days of thick, full hair are behind you, fear not. You have other options beyond shaving your head, rocking a comb-over or becoming a cap man. Here are our top tips and tricks to make the most out...

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Kent-boar-bristle-brush-comes-in-the-Heist-kit Heist of London

Kent boar bristle brush comes in the Heist kit

We established Heist to give guys access to the best tools for their hair - this includes a quality brush. So we partnered with Kent who for over 240 years have been creating the worlds finest brushes.  In the Heist...

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Top-tips-for-using-the-Heist-Men-s-Hair-Dryer-from-Jay-Roberts Heist of London

Top tips for using the Heist Men's Hair Dryer from Jay Roberts

We teamed up with young and upcoming barber Jay Roberts to get his top tips on using a Heist hair dryer for men.  Jay works out of the Bull & Co Barbershop in Bridgnorth run by Cal Newsome.  Top from Jay...

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Men-s-guide-to-using-a-hair-dryer Heist of London

Men's guide to using a hair dryer

Top tips for getting the most out of a Heist hair dryer.

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How-to-use-a-hair-dryer-with-grooming-expert-Scott-McGlynn Heist of London

How to use a hair dryer with grooming expert Scott McGlynn

Mens lifestyle and fashion professional, Scott McGylnn, gets hands on with the Heist Hair Dryer and Kent Boar Bristle Brush.

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