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The-world-s-first-hair-dryer-designed-for-men-gets-an-update-from-Autumn-2020-The-Heist-Hair-Kit-2.0 Heist of London

The world’s first hair dryer designed for men gets an update from Autumn 2020: The Heist Hair Kit 2.0

Continuing its mission to redefine men’s grooming, British grooming brand Heist of London is launching a new and improved version of the world’s first hair dryer for men: the Heist Hair Kit 2.0. ‘Shameful sharing’ or ‘sheepish borrowing’ of a...

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Heist-is-Fixing-You-Your-Barber-Up Heist of London

Heist is Fixing You & Your Barber Up

Missed your barber? We have too. Let’s celebrate barbershops reopening with fresh fades and tight trims. Share your post-lockdown cut on Instagram @heistoflondon & #HeistFixUp. Tag your barber to spread their good work. We'll fix you both up in return...

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Two-unsung-heroes-of-the-Heist-Hair-Kit Heist of London

Two unsung heroes of the Heist Hair Kit

We often talk about the powerful ionic hair dryer and forget to highlight two really effective features – the cool shot button and air concentrator nozzle. The silver cool shot button sits at the top of the hair dryer handle....

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Heist-of-London-teams-up-with-Frame-Gyms Heist of London

Heist of London teams up with Frame Gyms

We're happy to announce that we've hooked up with Frame gyms! Frame has been dishing out sweet endorphins since 2009. With over 1100 classes per week across 6 London locations. Members can now leave looking and feeling good. If you're a member of the...

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Kent-boar-bristle-brush-comes-in-the-Heist-kit Heist of London

Kent boar bristle brush comes in the Heist kit

We established Heist to give guys access to the best tools for their hair - this includes a quality brush. So we partnered with Kent who for over 240 years have been creating the worlds finest brushes.  In the Heist...

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