Two unsung heroes of the Heist Hair Kit

We often talk about the powerful ionic hair dryer and forget to highlight two really effective features – the cool shot button and air concentrator nozzle.

The silver cool shot button sits at the top of the hair dryer handle. If you push this, the hot air stops and you get a gust of cool air, instantly.  When your hair is about 80 percent dry, switch over to using the cool shot function. The cool air helps to lock your height and style in.

As for the concentrator nozzle, we recommend always using this on short hair. The attachment comes in every Heist kit and directs air flow through a long narrow gap. This means it's effective at targeting specific areas of hair, directing it precisely in the direction and style you want - putting you in control. We recommend holding the nozzle a couple inches away from the hair as you style with your Kent brush or fingers. It’s really important to rely on the Heist power and use a lower heat setting.

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