Kent boar bristle brush comes in the Heist kit

We established Heist to give guys access to the best tools for their hair - this includes a quality brush. So we partnered with Kent who for over 240 years have been creating the worlds finest brushes. 

In the Heist kit you get a 45mm diameter, pure bristle radial made by Kent. The pure natural bristle gives excellent grip for curling and shaping without damaging the hair. Brushing with a natural brush helps to prevent split-ends, reduces static and add volume when needed.

The brush comes with a five star review and is regarded as one of the best and easiest brushes to style hair while blow drying. 

Kent's Natural Shine Range of pure bristle brushes with beech wood handles. Economically designed to provide bristle hair care for everyone. Natural Shine is the perfect introduction to using bristle.

Natural bristle is the perfect choice for looking after hair as the scaly surface of each bristle removes dust and excess products from hair. and smoothes the cuticles on the hair shaft, leaving hair looking shiny, healthy and free from frizz. 
Made in beech wood with rubber inserts. The bristle grips the hair and encourages shine.

All bristles are hand-trimmed in the Kent factory, ensuring that each bristle is of a different length, creating an uneven surface to the brush, ensuring perfect penetration, reaching down into the scalp. Pure bristles should not be used on wet hair as the bristles will not penetrate effectively - only use after you've blow dried your hair.

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