If your days of thick, full hair are behind you, fear not. You have other options beyond shaving your head, rocking a comb-over or becoming a cap man.

Here are our top tips and tricks to make the most out of the hair you have -

1. Get gritty with your products.
Opt for “volumising” or “thickening” products. These are made to work without weighing down your hair, so you can get a fuller look. Sea salt sprays will add an element of grit and matte dust adds a dry texture when styling. 

Hair product

2. Don't be afraid to blow out.
Use a quality hair dryer and a small amount of product to dry and style your hair. The heat and air works to loosen up your hair follicles, giving it height and shine, and a blast of cool air helps to lock it in place. To get even more out of your hair dryer, tilt your head forward and dry your hair in the opposite direction before styling as usual. It will give your hair extra height and volume.

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3. Never underestimate the value of a good cut.
A great barber is worth their weight in gold. A pro will know exactly how to work with the hair you've got to get the most out of its type, texture and shape. They have a load of tips and tricks of their own to disguise troublesome spots. 

Good cut barber

4. Reeeeeeeelax and reduce stress.
You may not know it, but stress affects your health in a number of different ways. It can zap your energy, make you feel physically ill, and even cause your hair to fall out. That’s right, stress plays a big role in contributing to thinning hair. On its own, stress-related hair loss is usually temporary and grows back over time. However, it can also speed up other forms of hair loss like male pattern baldness.

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5. Style it out.
When your hair line starts to recede it’s time to think about going shorter. A short-back-and-sides cut with one to two inches of length on the top and an inch of length of the side. The trick is to keep the sides and back shorter to create the illusion of ‘thicker’ hair on top.

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