Why's a hair dryer for me, a guy?

In our 'unbiased' view a hair dryer is an essential tool for every man - just like a razor or Phillips screwdriver. Why?

A hair dryer is the foundation of any good hair style. You wouldn't leave the barber shop these days without one, if you are, you're probably getting ripped off. Not only does a good hair dryer create shape and height, the right technology can also reduce that thinning look and increase volume. Sound good?

The Heist kit comes with all the tools and tricks you need to get you going. 

Ionic technology means your hair dries faster and more gently. This works by releasing negatively charged ions that help keep hair cuticles closed, allowing the inside of your hair to retain moisture. This makes the hair more smooth and shiny. 

The concentrator nozzle helps target specific spots of the hair as you brush with the Kent boar bristle brush in the direction you want. Then lock it all in using the cool shot button which sends out cold air to hold the hair in place. 

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Heist Team

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